Path to Peace.

On a merry day
I was walking on a street,
On my way, away
Where no one would meet

Far from all plight,
Away from all the pain,
As distant as a kite
Where I could smile once again

But soon my mind was caught
‘Is this all an illusion?’
It was a spine-chilling thought
Causing so much confusion

‘Is it all a dream?
Have I had enough?’
Oh how I wanted to scream
‘Was the journey about to get rough?’

I was scared no doubt,
At the stairway to heaven
My mind was panicking about
As I felt dragged down uneven

I knew that it was coming
To take me down
Yet from it, I was running
At the speed of sound

‘Oh save me, my lord
From the tears and the fear
I seek nothing but love
From my nears and dears.

Let me persist on my journey
To find meaning and peace
Does it make me ordinary
That I desire no fleece?

Then ordinary is what I choose,
Like choosing heaven over hell
It’s not that I have so much to lose
Nor do I have anywhere dwell’

Maybe one can break me,
But they can’t break my spirit
They can take away my body,
But not my soul from within it

Give me strength my lord.
To survive and to see
Not to be anyone’s victim,
But to see what’s in store for me.


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