Salary Blues

Everybody sing with me…
Here comes the pay, here comes the pay…  it has been only a week now, all the money has gone away!


Ah, salary, where art thou? 

Not in my bank account,
not in my wallet.
wonder where it’s hidden,
can’t even call it.

I remember the day,
my ringtone rang,
the bank said I got the pay
and my heart sang.

How I planned
for all the places, I’ll go around
but I may have left my cash unmanned,
‘cause it’s nowhere to be found.

I’m sure I didn’t blow it away,
I’m not under the spell of any vice,
but even to have a chai today,
I’m having to think twice.

How I hoped and dreamt
of all the things this month I’ll buy
now with pain I sit and repent
with a tear of cashless-ness in my eye.

Oh if I manage to survive this month,
I’ll be more cautious I promise.
no this is no publicity stunt,
for in the heat of debt I may famish.


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