A visual guide to effective bathing – The Salman Khan Way

Are you ready?Why Salman Khan?

Do I have to answer that? Well because Salman has more shirtless screen time than King Kong (all reboots included). Then who better than someone whose physical appearance so many people swear by? 

Salman is Confused.

Secondly, before we start, you may want to understand why effective bathing is so essential. Apart from the fact that it makes you look presentable and acceptable to society, and also keeps you hygienic most importantly. Another reason to bathe (well, for some the only reason to bathe) is that…

No No No No NO!

If you don’t bathe well and are stinky and dirty, the ladies will stay away from you!

With that motivation,
We begin.

Let the bathing commence!

Salman-Khan-at-Umang-2013-pic-6Rinse Scalp in circular motion.

Rashmi-Desai-Salman-Khan-and-choreographer-Deepak-in-a-still-from-dance-reality-show-Jhalak-Dikhla-Jaa-5-Rub the back of the cranium well.

You seem to be a quick learner. Let’s pick the pace up!

salman_khan_dancing_in_mashallah_song-1440x900Clean those muscular arms and forearms. Yeah!

That's the spot!Rinse armpits thoroughly…

Bonus Bathing Tip from Katrina Kaif:

“Make sure to reach out to every corner of the body for best results.”

Katrina-Kaif-Salman-khan-Thanks Kat!

If you are as affluent and Dabangg as Sallu Miya, you can have someone clean you.


Multiple people, as a matter of fact!

mqdefault (depends on your comfort level actually)

Like while working out, Bathing too has a golden rule, Never ignore legs!!

Legs ka DumErr… I meant your own legs.

Do you want a partner?Much better.

Consider bathing as some ‘you-time’.
Give yourself some time and clean every area generously.

h7ql8k91iids705p.D.0.Akshay-Kumar-and-Salman-Khan-dancing-at-KHILADI-786-promotions-on-BIGG-BOSS-6-sets-in-Lonavala--2-(Speaking of generous, thanks Akki!)


Don’t forget to clean behind your ears!

And now comes the easy part…

salman-khan-without-shirt-once-again240909Just stand under the shower and let all the soap off!

* Environmental Tip: Don’t spend too much time under the shower as it wastes many litres of water.

Also, safety first!

tchofieknn8z5ylm.D.0.Asin_Salman-Khan_Akshay-Kumar-dancing-at-KHILADI-786-promotions-on-BIGG-BOSS-6-sets-in-Lonavala--3-Make sure water doesn’t get jammed in your nostrils
Not a good feeling, trust me.

Make sure to wipe yourself well.

Sallu with his towel

And there you are!

As spick-and-span as Salman Khan!


Go flaunt your freshness, buddy, you’ve earned it! Thank me later.

Ciao, all.

(All images used are via Google and are owned by their respective owners.)

9 thoughts on “A visual guide to effective bathing – The Salman Khan Way

  1. This is one of the most craziest compilation of pictures that teach you how to have a bath too 😛 Awesome effort and creativity put to it.

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