My Group Chat of Happiness…

Hmmm… if I had to host a WeChat group chat, who would be the people in it and why? Nice riddle. It took me days to figure out which celebrities would be the best fit and what would be the most ‘masaledaar’ combinations. Then it struck me and well, the words flowed like liquid gold. Why would I include any of the famous individuals we see on TV or read about? Yes, they are colourful, yes, I’m a fan of many, but why be amongst a group of individuals who don’t even know of your existence?

And so here’s my list, individuals from different facets of my lives who have made me the person I am now.

None of them are famous, at least not yet. Not everyone would call this group the most interesting, except for me.

They are the reasons of where I am right now; my life, my career, my life goals and aspirations exist due to the efforts and influences of these people. They have and continue to guide me in my brightest and dullest of times.

My (ex)-college professor,
who made a theory subject so interesting that one ignorant nobody found a direction. A direction that has pointed me to the right track. He who’s now more of a friend than a teacher though yet was never biased while giving marks. I remember when I almost flunk! He’s told me that I’m gonna be the next big thing in my line of work; I can’t wait to prove him right.

My boss,
who showed faith in a newbie, I perhaps might never find out way, nor will I ever ask. How he guided me when I was lost, and yet gave me all the credit. How at times he de-motivated me enough to get me jump up and fight again, just to prove him wrong. Thanks, boss for the kaam and the naam.  

A friend,
who told me I have talent and I should make it seen, looking back I sometimes feel she was just being kind. Yet, she convinced me to start this blog, where everything else started: the writing, expressing and getting my first job! How she continues to motivate me every time I turn to her with a problem, be it professional or personal. Oh, how her optimism continues to startle me!

A special someone,
who stood by me all these years in thick and thin, how she told me everything is going to be alright even when I didn’t tell her what’s wrong. No matter how busy I get, no matter how little time I give her, she understands and never complains. Thank you for being my wall, you don’t know how much happiness you bring into my life.

My sister,
from buying me toys to break from your savings, to not hiding yours well enough for me to break. For helping me study, to buy me things in my broke days and still continuing to offer me things. Heck, I’m typing this on your laptop! For telling me where you stash your chocolates & snacks, for continuing to treat me like a 10 year old kid. Thank you. We fight a lot and I don’t get to be visibly nice to you, but I love you and can’t imagine life without you.

And last but always the first… my mother!
From letting me bunk tuitions to attend theatre practice, for keeping a meal warm and ready no matter how late I reach. For being my constant driving force. For not stopping me from following my dreams and making sure no one else does too. The list is endless and I can’t thank you or love you enough, ma. For the endless pampering that makes the rest of the family members envious. I can go on.

I repeat when I say that this group chat wouldn’t be the most interesting to people other than me. Though my family’s confrontation with my boss would be one to watch out for and the amount of stuff these individuals know about me, things might get a little embarrassing for the host. Only to imagine what Voice chats they’ll send!

I may not be the best talent or the highest paid at my age, but I’m happy and hungry and get up each morning wanting to be better. So in this group chat, I wouldn’t be able to say to them all that I’ve said here, but I will thank them in my own unique way. And whenever I’m down in life, struggling or demoralised or lost, I would talk to them and I’m certain they’ll get me back up and running!

As this post ends, be it OCD or plain ol’ Indian superstitious, I ‘touchwood’ and thank the almighty.

(For those of you who still feel celebrities are the best contenders for a group chat, checkout and get excited!) 🙂


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