A meaningful connection…

Got a mail at 1 am on a Monday night announcing an Indiblogger meet within the forthcoming two days. The subject of the meet stated that it was about Zee TV’s new television offering, ‘Connected Hum Tum’. Keeping in mind how all blogger meets are usually fun-filled, I registered almost immediately though I had little idea of the show.
As I got there, the room filled up and it was all fun and games, a few familiar faces, a few very different ones, and amongst the collage of these intellectuals (of their own area of expertise) I saw a face, familiar but not like anyone else in the room. Before I could decipher who that woman was, the meet began.

Post the usual introductory rounds and initial mini-contests, there was an activity stating the gist of the show. We found out that the show involved six women from different backgrounds, in different phases of their lives,how they were handed a camera to self-shoot their life over the course of a year. Actor Abhay Deol, who would act as the connecting link between the women and us audiences, would ‘educate’ us about women as he learned about them himself.


As interesting as the concept sounded, it was no more interesting than what was in store for us next. We were told that the six women involved in the show were sitting among us. It took me less than a second to realise that the woman I saw earlier was none other than one of the six ladies from the show. She was RJ Malishka, a household voice in Mumbai and the voice that guides me to office on most days!

The activity was to find these women and click pictures with them in order to win a prize. Now, it took me a while to soak it all in, and as the barrage of bloggers began running around looking and clicking, I turned around to see that one of Mumbai’s most beloved RJs was sitting right behind me all this long. As I approached her, while others were self-portraiting images with her without her knowledge, I found myself calling out to her and saying, ‘Malishka, Big fan!’ She thanked me humbly and asked me whether I got my picture clicked with her, I said not yet… and then I did…

I eventually got the chance to interact with only four out of the six ladies…

After the charade ended we were introduced to the six ladies, who told us a bit about their lives. The mystery women that we all wanted to know about were now revealed: Malishka Mendonca (Red FM RJ), Preeti Kochar (Dentist & Belly Dancing Instructor), Pallavi Barman (Brand Manager a Diesel), Mahima Chaudhary (Aspiring Actress), Sonal Giani (LGBT Activist with Humsafar Trust) and Madhavi Mauskar (Foreign Languages Expert, Corporate Producer)

We Indibloggers then got a sneak preview not only into an episode of the show but also into the lives of the women. Which got me thinking; these six women, each in a different phase of their lives, each with a different story and a different struggle, were willing to shed their inhibitions and showcase to the world their lives. Weren’t they nervous? Weren’t they just downright shy? Maybe a little bit as they explained, but their determination surpassed their apprehension. They knew, that the journey they are about to take, would alter their lives forever.

It’s rightfully debatable that was something really so wrong with their lives that they’d share it with an audience rather than a few close ones? But then, isn’t it the same when we blog about ourselves? Isn’t it because we want people to understand us, share our emotions and connect with us? When there comes a moment in our lives that we don’t know how to share with our loved ones, we seek solace on a platform where not everyone is our friend, not everyone knows us, yet we try to connect with them. We try to find like-minded people; we try to get their approval, their advice, their love. And that’s what Connected Hum Tum is about.

The journey of six women and finding the emotional gratification they know they deserve. As the meet ended and we were gifted a customized ‘Zee TV Connected Hum Tum’ webcam, I went up to each of the women, who were exhausted after all the photos they had to get clicked with the bloggers. I wished them good luck, not for the show though, but for them to find for what they were looking for.


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