Mind over Matter-of-fact!

One fine morning just like any other, I got out of bed, got ready and left for office. To my surprise, I reached earlier than usual. I quickly wrapped up all the tasks at hand, and began to fool around as lunch-time approached. Then something strange occurred. I was speaking to a colleague when I told him about a movie I saw the previous night, and how it was an interesting view. The colleague to which responded, with a sheepish smile on his face, “You could tell me all about it, but sadly, you are going to be late today!”

Before I could realise or react to what he said, within a blink of an eye I found myself lying on my bed and the clock indicating that I’m late for work. It was all a dream! (I should’ve realised that earlier, my work never gets done quickly). On my way to office (this time for real), I couldn’t help but ponder upon how it all seemed so real; how my mind had tricked me into sleeping a little extra by convincing me that I was awake. Either that or it hinted me that I overslept.
I was certainly very confused (more than usual).

I couldn’t be both now or could I? I got out-smarted by my own brain! How this was even possible? The sheer magnitude of this thought made me think further, ‘Are we smarter than we believe ourselves to be?’ or ‘Are we so stupid that we don’t know what we are capable of?’

This mind of ours is like the Bermuda Triangle; you are completely unsure of what you might uncover once you’re in there and you may never be utterly convinced if you would come back out the same. This is something very debatable, I believe, ‘the power of the mind’ and the layers that restricts & protects that power. How it generates an idea, enhances it, controls & changes it, all of this is really very intriguing! Our mind at times may be self-contradictory, even self-deprecating. It’ll teach you, corrupt you and even play around with you; it makes you believe what you want to believe and at the same time presents to you the exact opposite of that belief.

Take for example; when you are running late and have to board a train, you reach the platform and you see the train in motion, you think to yourself that if you run now you can board it. But at the same time you are thinking its exact opposite, what if you lose your balance and fall?

This is how your mind plays with you. It shows you a possibility and then tells you that it’s impractical. It presents you with a difficulty and tells you it’s achievable. It gives you a craving for something and then tells you how it is a slow poison for you. It’s the angel and devil on your shoulder, your mind is! You know what’s happening to you, all the cards are on the table. It’s not that we don’t know the consequences of our actions; we just simply choose to ignore it at that moment.

With technology advancing and us being more and more aware of things, we have fallen prey to the notion of being far superior to others (people, generations, you name it); it’s not uncommon to be underestimating others, well, at least mentally. Everybody has some kind of superiority complex over the other. We tend to believe we are better overall, because we may possess a quality or a belonging that someone else lacks. The more humble ones, who quite openly believe in not berating others, feel more superior to the ones who do berate. Some paradox, don’t you think?

This might as well be a vicious circle, but this superiority complex is not restricted to just other people. We many-a-times feel inadequate and try to develop ourselves further to become better individuals. By doing so we don’t realise that we are attempting to do the impossible, it’s like wanting to renovate the Great Wall of China and make it bigger! It’s pointless; because it’s unique & complete in its own way and also the best of its kind, just like our minds!

Our mind knows more than we try to teach it. We tend to try learning things, force concepts into our brains but hardly ever have we realised that it is impossible to control our mind. Yes it is perfectly possible to teach yourself a skill but that doesn’t mean your mind is now more advanced, for it has always been so. We have almost completely forgotten that we do not control our minds; it’s our mind that controls us, figuratively & literally.

It’s not until we realize our true worth before we could achieve anything worth achieving. Before that, it’s completely pointless. We can only attain our full potential when we realise that we are already are at our absolute best. Till then all we can do is ponder upon the mysteries of life, stuff like ‘how the universe came into existence?’ OR ‘why is abbreviation such a big word?’ you know the kind! The choice is ours, it has always been ours. We can find our own answers or just ignore the question.

P.S. At this point I have expressed to you a few of the thoughts that have been bothering me for quite some time now. And I can only hope that now they succeed in bothering you a bit as well.


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