The Rickshaw Reaction

Okay so I walk around in circles. It’s an involuntary action. Sometimes I don’t even realise that why i’m doing what i’m doing. Where I work every room’s divided by glass, so when a person kicks back to take a breather from working continuously, he is much likely to look around & find me in an empty meeting room walking around in circles. That seems like some motivation for them to get back to working, I’m very certain.

I mean no I’m not insane just to walk around for no reason. It’s just that when I’m on the phone, or outside waiting for a bus, or just thinking about something, I find myself walking in a definite pattern, for an indefinite duration of time. When indoors, this either scares or pisses off the people around, when outdoors, it confuses rickshaw folks! 

I feel very awkward when rickshaw drivers pass by me. Some of them try picking up passengers how 70’s actors tried picking up chicks. They spot you from afar and if you spot them too you can notice a little change of pace, a little jig that they do, like a lion walking with a sort of swagger when he sees a prospective mate.

In all these cases, the only thing that’s prominent is that it means you are now on the radar, under his observation! You wonder to yourself, “maybe if I don’t move..” but nope that trick won’t work here, if you are in his path you are his prospective customer, ‘fares’ as they call us. You must face them, refuse or ignore them!

On getting closer they slow down their vehicles & look at you with hopeful eyes. They hope that you’d tell them that you want to go to the other end of the city! They hope that you would be contributing to their day’s bread & butter. This just makes it difficult to make eye contact, as I don’t know how to react to them. Should I just outright tell them “I DON’T TRAVEL BY RICKSHAWS. I’M CHEAP!” or perhaps a much subtler, “No sire, I would not be requiring the services of your vehicle, thank you for offering my seat a seat!”. At times, since i’m not sure, I just shake my head and sometimes even add in an awkward smile. *sighs*

By the time you determine what your response would be, the moment is gone! The rickshaw passes you, with the driver disappointed; oh he’s judging you alright, you semi-formally dressed boy, with cool shades (yes they are pretty cool) you look like you can afford travelling by rickshaws, but looks have deceived many since the beginning of time!

Either he thinks all of this, or just tells himself, ‘Meh, NEXT!’ As for me, I’m kept bothered with these thoughts, and I go through this confusion every time I spot a rickshaw! All thanks to that, that sick 3-wheeler driving, paan-spewing, soul-staring, personality-judging asshole!



2 thoughts on “The Rickshaw Reaction

  1. You are lucky… I have to actually dance for a rickshaw! Even begging them doesn’t help at times! lol 😦
    By the way I like your sense of humour…but your style resembles Chetan Bhagat’s (which is not really a compiment). Ouch!

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