Humans like having control, whether we can or we cannot, we want to anyway. We get so blinded by our hunger of getting our wants be fulfilled, we are willing to do anything. If you tell them there is someone who would get you what you want, we would surely want their help. Thus encouraging fake babas, sadhus, swamis and what not! They play with our feelings, emotions and not to forget our lives! They are more of thugs if you think about their acts.

What’s disturbing is that these ‘babas’ are of various types & since there is no binding power designated to their classification; I would do so here, well, to a minor extent, just for the sake of simplification. There are babas that you see on your tv sets early morning; giving advice, tips & tricks, ‘totkas’ as they call it, you can call them the morning babas. The other ones, you usually don’t see on television and if you ever do, it’ll be because they must have gotten arrested for their, well, ‘doings’. They are the baba kapalis, baba bangalis and what not! You know the type, the ones with the designer ‘BONES’, the voodoo babas.  They lure people in need with their bogus 100% guarantee (or get your money back) schemes and then dazzle them by showing them some of their ‘Miracles’ which are literally smoke and mirrors at times. The target market of babas, are the less-educated, under-privileged people, maybe those with narrow mental horizons, and have ruptured bullshit sensors!

This “Baba-giri” of sorts has become a pretty decent profession in recent times, in fact, one with very good prospects. You get famous, respected (not by people like me), get to come on TV, have followers, worshippers too, who offer you ‘dakshina’ to the extent of their incomes! Sounds interesting, wonder where we can apply! Maybe there is an institute, away from the common man’s eye, where such scam art…oops, ‘babas’ are trained for public speaking, personality development and presentation skills, well because it seems like a pre-requisite.

I mean seriously, if these “Babas” had any mystical powers would they be buying television spots and attempt to sell us their products or services? They would rather control our minds and make us buy them, then maybe later try to take over the world or something.

Thinker: Who would you rather have faith in? yourself or someone who has to convince you to have faith in them after knowing that you have zero faith in yourself to start with. Ponder upon that while I practice the art of making jewellery out of thin air.



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