STAND AT EASE! You’ve grabbed enough ATTENTION already!

The Great Charlie Chaplin had once said , “I love to walk in the rain, because no one can see me cry“,and now every 2nd person quotes it at the time of heartbreak, nosebleed or even during a random cry for attention. The thought sounds thoughtful, no? but is it really applicable , I don’t think so, like no one would notice the red-eyes, runny nose and/or the add-shaped face(yes, crying does that to people). Peeing in your pants make more sense than crying in the rain, if you ask me, not that I’ve tried or that I’m encouraging it, but it does, think about it!
What about the reduction in vision due to the tears in the eyes, which has already been reduced by the rainfall around you? (remember?) This attempt of not showing your tears is more of a stunt(other than publicity), in fact, especially for someone residing in Mumbai or anywhere else in the country for that matter, don’t be surprised if you see individuals walk in the rain with glycerin in their eyes on a decorated Mumbai road, to win maybe a motorbike or a pot of gold, perhaps the next task in a reality show? Only this time no harness would be able protect them from the average Mumbaikar’s road rage.  Who knew hiding your tears could get you injured, maybe then the saying will change to, ‘I loved walking in the rain, now I’d love just to walk’, long story short, it’s just ridiculous how someone would use an innocent statement to such an extent that it would turn into more of an attention hogging statement, just to prove to the society that they are depressed and don’t want any attention
(if they didn’t want any, they wouldn’t even mention it in the first place!)


4 thoughts on “STAND AT EASE! You’ve grabbed enough ATTENTION already!

  1. hahaha! Indeed the Charlie Chaplin times have changed. Its good to contradict ancient mindsets, no? 😉 I like the very thought that you’ve surrounded it with. Your pragmatic approach moulds today’s generation’s outlook 🙂

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